who we are

angie milki

Appointed as Art Director for the Mohawk College Advertising committee and award winning graduate for excellence in the Marketing and Promotions program, it was clear that Angie’s heart, soul and creativity belonged in the marketing industry.


Graduating from Mohawk College’s Advertising and Communications Media program inspired her to take action in 2014. It was then that Milki Media was introduced to the world, with a mission to help small business owners and entrepreneurs enhance their marketing by implementing innovative strategies to build a valuable online presence.


Angie is a genuine conversationalist born to connect. She’s passionate about what she does, loves people and believes in the power of this new digital age. She is on a mission to grow, lead and rise as an individual by contributing her time, energy and efforts by continuing to help others achieve their business goals.

mario francella

With a passion for business start-ups, Mario has been instrumental in helping entrepreneurs start several operational companies from conception to completion. He started his own Social Media Marketing company in 2005 and most recently works with Business owners and Entrepreneurs helping bring their brand and vision to life. 

With over a decade of qualified experience as a business owner and sales professional, Mario is now driven by constant development for application in his personal and professional life. This now enables him to mentor his clients in honing related skills and refining internal strategies to excel as a result of his consulting.


From the streets to the stage, Mario’s story has inspired thousands to break down the barriers in their lives and achieve more.